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🍀Enjoy Free shipping over $49.99🍀

Anchor Retro Magnetic Phone Holder(Get one for free!)

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A rare opportunity, DON'T MISS IT!!! 

    The combination of ornament and bracket maximizes the convenience of our life



      • Easy to wear, can be hung on a key backpack, etc.Strong suctionno need to worry about losing it
      • Magnetic suction structure design, ready to use and restore in one second.The groove surface is smooth and will not cause damage to the equipment

      • Can be used as both an ornament and a stand.Suitable for mobile phones and tablets.
      • Stable, does not affect your normal operation .

      • Retro anchor design, zinc alloy. Round your Captain Dream!
      • Suitable for multiple scenescomfortable angle gives you a better experience


      • Name:Anchor phone holder
      • Size:6.7*4.1*0.6CM
      • Weight:26g
      • Material:Zinc alloy
      • Open way:Magnetic attraction
      • Color:Vintage gold;Vintage silver;Vintage copper 
      Your most concern
        Question 1:Will the groove damage the surface of the phone or iPad?
        Answer 1:The surface of the stand is very smooth and will not damage the surface of the phone and iPad.
        Question 2:Can the stand be lowered with a mobile phone and iPad with a cover?
        Answer 2:The width of the grooves is completely enough to put them down.
        Question 3:Will magnetic products have a bad effect on electronic equipment?
        Answer 3:
        • Magnets are used with phones in a variety of mannersmany official. They're perfectly safe. Solid state electronics.
        • Every modern smartphone going back many, many years has a magnetic sensor in the front for flip cases that turns off the screen when the magnet touches it, in the front, right alongside that screen you're warning us to keep magnets away from.
        • And magnetic car mounts are common, with phones sitting on them for hours a day, screen on, with no ill effect. There is no problem with using magnets with cell phones


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